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We examine your previous tax returnBring us your previous year’s tax return, and we will review it and look for any errors made by others.Additional deductions and entitlementsThroughout our review of your past returns, we will work to discover any deductions that have been missed but which you may have been able to claim.We will file an adjustment with the ATOIf we find errors made by others in your previous returns, we will file an amendment and ensure you get back any money to which you are entitled.

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Flexible options for service means I got my tax done even during covid restrictions. Dealt with Carol and Yolanda. Great people to make

Mike C


i have used your organisation for my tax returns , since coming to Adelaide, about 13 years. i have always had excellent service on each occ

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Service and help was absolutely fantastic! Yolanda, the receptionist was very helpful in providing assistance in booking, organising the

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fast and professional services offerred

allan shelley


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Second Look Assessment

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about our services.
Why do I need a Second Look Assessment?

Most people contact Ashmans Accounting for a Second Look Assessment because they disagree with their tax assessment, or feel they didn’t get the maximum refund.

What happens if my original assessment was not correct?

If during a Second Look Assessment we discover that deductions or benefits to which you are entitled have been missed, we will lodge an amendment on your behalf to claim back any money you are owed.

Will I be charged for a Second Look Assessment?

There are fees charged when we undertake a Second Look Assessment on your behalf, but these fees are all tax deductible.

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