Multiple Years Returns

How Ashmans Help You File Multiple Years Returns

The Benefits

We can help with...

Have you missed a tax deadline?

If you have an outstanding or overdue tax return for any reason, we can help with your returns for this and past years.

Don’t have all your documents and receipts?

We can check your lodgement status with the ATO to determine the years that are outstanding, as well as what details have been previously reported.

Making your tax claims as normal

Using your receipts and other work-related expenses, you can still make tax claims as you would normally when filing late or multiple year returns.

Years Experience

How Ashmans Help You File Multiple Years Returns

Lodging multiple returns to get you up to date

No matter how many outstanding returns you have, Ashmans’ efficient and thorough process will get you up to date as soon as possible, sometimes as quickly as just one appointment.

Outstanding trust, company or partnership returns

We are experienced at working with all types of tax entities and you can be assured that no matter how complex the set up, we will get your business up to date correctly.

Working with the ATO to avoid further penalties

If you have been advised to lodge in order to avoid penalties, Ashmans will contact the ATO on your behalf to advise that your returns are being completed so that no further penalties are issued. If they are, we can work to have these remitted for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Multiple Years Returns

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about our services.

Make an appointment with us, and we will look at your outstanding years and prepare them for you. If we can’t get them all done at one appointment, you can leave the paperwork with us and we’ll call you when all returns have been prepared.

You should come to see us at your earliest convenience, so that we can lodge these returns on your behalf as soon as possible in order to avoid a fine. If you have already been issued with a fine, we can attempt to have this remitted on your behalf.

We have significant expertise in preparing all types of return and can prepare all of your entities’ returns at the same time. You are welcome to leave the paperwork with us and we’ll let you know once it’s done.

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